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Contact: jwang@laas.fr

I am currently a postdoctoral reseacher working with Prof. Victor Magron and Prof. Jean-Bernard Lasserre at LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, France since July 2019. Formerly, I was a postdoc working with Prof. Bican Xia at Peking University. I received my doctor's degree of mathematics under the supervision of Prof. Xiaoshan Gao at AMSS-CAS in July 2017.

Currently, I am working on (both commutative and noncommutative) polynomial optimization and its applications in diverse areas, e.g., control theory, computer vision, neural network, quantum information, power system, etc. Particularly, I am focusing on exploiting various structures (sparsity, symmetry...) to improve the scalability of the moment-SOS hierarchy for polynomial optimization.

With Victor Magron, we are preparing a book entitled "Large-Scale Polynomial Optimization: Exploiting Sparsity".

My research interests include polynomial optimization, semidefinite programming, real algebraic geometry, symbolic computation and their applications in operation, quantum information, control system, computer vision, etc.

I will join AMSS-CAS as an associate professor in July 2021. If you are interested in collaborating with me in any above areas, welcome to contact me!